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the joys of near death happiness.

Stacy (AKA Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies 2001)
Director: Naoyuki Tomomastu
Starring: Natsuki Kato, Toshinori Omi, Shiro Misawa, Yukijiro Hotaru.

"Come join the RRK and you too, can kill your own daughter and girlfriend".

In the early years of the new millennium, a strange disease is striking down girls between the ages of 15 and 17 across the globe. The world is in a state of chaos as scientists struggle to find a cure...

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"Eyes hen!"

The disease has three distinct phases. Phase one is something called NDH (Near Death Happiness), a pre-death state of absolute euphoria and joy., phase two is quick and sudden death whereas phase three is perhaps the most disturbing of all.
The recently deceased girls return to 'life' as hungry flesh-eating undead ghouls. Usually in cutsey Japanese school uniforms.

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"Ah fell aff mah beanstalk!"

The world's governments have a name for these abominations, a name to strike fear into the hearts of men (and women) from all nations. Fear has a new name...and that name is STACY.

Attempting to quell this plague of the undead (and possibly control those sad individuals that find the thought of Japanese schoolgirl zombies quite appealing) Stacy's Law is passed, urging families to kill their daughters (by the act of 'bodily dismemberment) at the first signs of NDH. For those too squeamish to comply,
the RRK (Romero Repeat you get it?) is created to do the job for you (how thoughtful is the Japanese government?).

To make things even easier, local authorites supply special thick red polythene bags for disposing of the body parts and collections crews regularly visit suburban areas. Government information films featuring a girl in a bunny suit wielding a 'Blues Campbell Right Hand 2' (see what they did pop pickers?) play constantly to reassure the public that everything is under control.

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Cute Japanese girl wielding a
chainsaw. Can this film get any better?

Enter our plucky heroine, Eiko (Natsuki Kato) who, already showing the symptoms of NDH decides she wants to feel true love before she turns. She falls for skint puppeteer Shibu (Toshinori Omi) whom she promises to make a happy boy (how we can only guess) if he promises he'll chop her up when the time comes.

Whilst all this soppy romance stuff is going on a group of punky 'n' funky girls are wandering the streets calling themselves the "Illegal Repeat Kill Squad". Reasoning that it's a girls job to off her sisters, they approach their new hobby with all the glee of a monkey in a banana warehouse. Which is pretty damn gleefully I can tell you.

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But these representatives of 'girl power' gone loco aren't the only problems for the RRK cos this is where it gets fairly complicated. There's Arita the newest recruit whose hidden agenda is to avenge the death of his sister and find a cure before his sister turns, then there's Commander Kazuka hiding a secret lust for his sister (gah) and Agent Yokoyama who's hiding a secret lust for Kazuka (still with me?).
Add to the mix the sweatily evil Kawasaki, ex child murderer and top ranking RRK 'disposal expert' and honey nut loops Professor Inugami, head of the team to discover a cure for 'Stacy-ism'.

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Things go from bad to worse tho' when of of the "Illegal Repeat Kill Squad" starts to show the signs of NDH and the team are captured to become part of Inugami's 'experiments'. Whilst all this is going on Arita is getting more and more depressed and decides to free every single 'Stacy' in the base......

Based on a novel by Japanese rocker Kenji Otsuki, Stacy is a bittersweet, bizarre black comedy hiding behind the trappings of a 'typical' zombie shlocker.

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Bite from mah mooth.

Naoyuki Tomomastu, director of the 1997 sicko flick
Eat the Schoolgirl doesn't stray too far from his exploitative roots (just far enough to be watchable) with this tale of undead schoolies and his obvious lack of finesse and sometimes amateurish camera work actually add to the dream-like quality of the movie, the wildly veering script (from horror to cheesy romance and back again) and wildly eccentric 'acting' from certain cast members gives the movie an almost schizophrenic charm sadly lacking from most low budget schoolgirl-based zombie movies.
Although nowhere near the genius of Wild Zero or Junk, Stacy still delivers if you're a fan of the cheaper end of the Japanese horror market (doubly so if you like school uniforms wearing she-zombies).

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