Monday, August 13, 2007

forgotten teevee legends (part one)

In the history of that great British variety tradition of cross dressing the partnership of performer Patrick Fyffe and ex-computer programmer and pianist George Logan has never been equaled.

The pair met in 1974 and almost immediately launched their act at that yea
rs Edinburgh Festival to great acclaim.

Who am I waffling on about?

The fantastic Hinge and Bracket.

The shows success led to the duo taking part in a worldwide tour before being signed up to the BBC for the first in a regular series entitled The Enchanting World of Hinge and Bracket on Radio 4 in 1978. This was followed by The Random Jottings of Hinge and Bracket and two series of Dear Ladies for BBC 2.

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Beware the stare that will terrify the world!

Set in the fictional village of Stackton Tressel, the show was co-written by novelty jumpered Tory bum boy Gyles Brandreth and led to even greater super stardom now that they'd been found by TeeVee audiences. The double act had the world at their feet and their next project had to be as good if not better than anything that had gone before.....

The duo settled on a series of commercials for Croft Original Sherry.

From appearing alongside such mega stars as the robotic cowboy Yul Brynner and small ginger man Red Buttons at the Royal Variety Show to being 'directed' by the anagramtastic Placido Domingo in “Die Fledermaus” the duo never failed to hit the entertainment funnybone of a nation (and it's criminal colonies).

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The much wished for
Morrissey and Marr reunion.

In the theatre they toured in “Lettice and Lovage”, whilst George Logan played Miss Marple in a tour of “Murder at the Vicarage” before Patrick Fyffe died in 2002 in a freak piano juggling accident (it would have been very difficult to tour after his death tho' but not impossible with today's special effects techniques).

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