Thursday, October 25, 2007

cinema's forgotten legends (part 12).

She was the completely naked, scarily large breasted, kissy lipped 'space vampire' alongside Mick Jaggers brother and the guy that played Sgt. Streetwise in the Eagle photo stories in the Tobe Hooper classic Lifeforce and a sexy lady with a Louise Brooks bob in Naked Tango...but whatever happened to French fancy Mathilda May?

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The librarian like May. Yum.

Karima Mathilda Haim
(measurements: 35C-25-35) was born on 8th February 1965 in Paris (France in Europe for any Americans reading), daughter of French playwright Victor Haim and a prima ballerina, she started her career in 'the arts' early, Winning the "Premier Prix du Conservatoire de Danse de Paris" (whatever that is) at the tender age of 16. Working primarily for the French 'arthouse' market (meaning she gets her kit off a lot), she's best known outside her native country for the aforementioned Lifeforce, Becoming Colette and the snigger-rificly titled The Tit and The Moon.

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Not content with being a fantastically gifted actress, May has also lent her vocal talents to top space computer game Privateer 2: The Darkening alongside Clive Owen, Jurgen Prochnow and Christoper 'Walken' and, in 1994 released a funky disco 'record', still finding the time to get married three times and have raise two kids.

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She's still acting with a couple of new projects slated for a 2008 release, but to her fans tho, she will always be remembered for Lifeforce.

For those unlucky enough to have never seen it, the plot goes something like this.....

The crew of the space shuttle Churchill, led by the ever so wooden Colonel Carlsen ('Steve' Railsback) has been sent to investigate an object discovered in the centre of Halley's Comet.

On arrival the crew are shocked to find a huge space ship containing hundreds of fossilized giant bats and three nude people inside big crystal blocks. They decide to take all three back to Earth with them.....bad move.

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The worlds sexiest Xmas tree decorations.

Losing contact with the Churchill a rescue team is sent to rendezvous with the stricken shuttle. On docking they discover the charred remains of the crew and a destroyed ship, all that remains are the perfectly preserved space nudes.

The rescue team return to mission control with their erotic looking cargo.

That's why the lady is a (space) vamp!

The scientist team (led by silver fox Frank Finlay), are utterly confused (and probably distracted by the amount of flesh on show) by the nature of these beings and decide to keep them locked up in a warehouse. All is well till late one night, a chubby, basin headed security guard feels an uncontrollable urge to enter the room in which the nude space lady is being held.

He touches her on the shoulder, and she awakens. Standing in all her Euro-nude glory she approaches the guard and begins to suck the 'lifeforce' out of him with a killer kiss.

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You would, she may.

She explosively escapes from the warehouse, leaving a trail of snogged to death corpses behind her......But that's not all, Frank discovers that within two hours of death the corpses return to 'life' hungry for kisses....the government have no choice but to bring in top Brit sex God (and star of Spooks) Peter Firth as the pube haired Colonel Caine of the SAS to track her down before London (or maybe even the world) is awash with re-animated sex starved zombies.

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May today...still frisky at (nearly) fifty.


Anonymous said...

Really I did not know Paris was in France!Not all Americans are dumd,Thank God us, we saved all of you from the Nazis,Ah two times!!

Anonymous said...

DUMB,was rushed HA HA

Anonymous said...

if she was born in 1965 then she is 43 at the time of writing in 2008. You have her posted as being near 50!

Anonymous said...

You did not know Paris was in France? Is that why you were late for the war, Ah two times!!

Vince L. said...

Hi there!
I've been a huge fan of Mathilda since the middle 80's. I live in Belgium and have recently decided to create a Myspace profile for/about her, wanting to summurise infos about her career. Mathilda has seen it and was so glad that she invited me to meet her and see her 2008 comedy on stage in Paris: I can assure you that she is not only a stunning beauty. She is really talented, full of ideas and artistic project,sweet, caring, funny and smart.
Here is the link to the myspace (unfortunately...only in french, guys!)

Cheers from Vince L.