Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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For Your Height Only (1981)
Dir: Eddie Nicart
Cast: Weng Weng, Yehlen Catral, Carmi Martin, Mike Cohen, Anna Marie Gutierrez and Beth Sandoval.


"How did that midget find out about our operation? That little Weng could put us out of business!"

Whilst visiting the Philippines (no doubt for cheap crack and whores....no, sorry for a 'science conference') the brilliant (at what I don't know) and bearded Professor Bertie 'Van' Kohler, inventor of the terrifying 'N' bomb is kidnapped by an evil group of pimp shirted bad men and held to ransom by the notorious Mr. Giant.

At times of crisis the world calls on one man, the Philippines top secret agent codenamed: 'Agent 00'; a martial arts expert, weapons specialist, randy romancer, smart dressed lady killer and all-around honest to goodness superhero wrapped in a tiny package topped off with a Dario Argento moptop.

Arriving at Spy HQ, Agent 00 (Weng Weng) receives his orders and his top gadgets from 'The Boss' (not Bruce Springsteen, but a jovial, chubby pervy old uncle figure) who appears obsessed with Wengs ability to listen to him without interrupting.


And oh boy what gadgets!

Not only does he have a radio controlled flying straw hat but also a fountain pen which kills
("Of course. It isn't any good if you need to write with it, but we can't have everything." explains his boss sadly) and a ring which can detect poison!

Let's not forget his big belt which 'has useful things in it', a mini machine gun, a jet pack and, best of all a pair of huge glasses that enable him to see thru' ladies clothes!

Weng manages to infiltrate Mr. Giant’s gang by stripping off his shirt and wiggling his HUGE erect nipples in front of a sexy lady whilst muttering the immortal chat up line: “Hey, do you want to do it?”


The rest of the movie is a fantastic mish mash of hair raising stunts (usually involving Weng jumping off buildings using an umbrella as a parachute or jumping over hills on a mini motorbike), Weng dancing to hot disco hits to impress a gaggle of Filipino chicks and our pint sized hero chasing polyester panted (and shiny shirted) bad guys with his flying hat.

After all this action (and more hot loving), Weng makes his way to the villains hide out, eliminating most of his henchmen thru' a mix of hot lead and punches to the happy sacks before confronting Mr. Giant himself......who isn't a giant at all......HE'S A MIDGET TOO!!!!!


The best film ever made? quite possibly.

Probably the world's greatest action hero, Weng Weng made a further two Agent 00 movies, The Impossible Kid and Da Best in The West.


The Impossible Kid sees Weng Weng transferred to the Manila branch of Interpol and sent in pursuit of the notorious Mr X, a super villain whose head is covered by a giant white sports sock whilst Da Best in The West has Weng and sexy sidekick Gordon investigating the murder of Santa Monica’s mayor. This movie has one of the greatest climaxes of all time, featuring as it does Weng armed with a Gatling gun mowing down hundreds of Mexican bandits whilst a tribe of dwarf tribesmen launch a counter attack with bows and arrows.

You NEED these.

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