Thursday, March 6, 2008

when science goes bad.

another of those ker-razee Italian horror comics for your reading pleasure.....

This time prepare to fill your trousers at....Terror Blu!!


Somewhere in sunny Norway an ample thighed
maiden in woolly stockings suddenly finds herself hurtling skywards....

A friendly copper tries to bring her down to earth
with a handy boathook but the sight of her ample
bouncing buttocks is enough to spoil his aim...

The unfortunate girl ends up floating off into
space to face a cold and lonely death.

Suddenly the whole of Norway is suffering gravity problems
with young and old either floating off into the
stratosphere or being crushed like grapes.

The reason for all this mad science?
A bored and frisky octopus has stumbled across an old
gravity defying machine at the
bottom of the sea.

This diabolical machine was invented by a mental Nazi scientist called
Eric Von Baldrach, and our dynamic duo (and stories heroes)
Jorge and Hilse are searching for it.
They happen across not only a portable version of the device
but Von Baldrach's diary, explaining how he and his
lover would use it for kinky sex games.
Hilse decides to give it a shot!

She's really an evil neo-Nazi hellbent on creating a
new world order of bizarre gravity and stuff so she crushes
Jorge's head before disappearing with the weapon.

Earth is doomed.

The End.

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