Monday, November 28, 2016

don't cry for me argentina.

So, when does trash transcend its boundaries to become art? and can 'art' become so misplaced that it becomes mere trash?

More importantly, are the two interchangeable?

Fucked if I know, I was only asking because between bonkers Brexit and terrifying Trump the world seems to be slowly but surely collapsing in on itself in an ever growing malaise of rancid racism and jingoistic flag waving like an ecstasy-fueled last night of the proms conducted by the putrefying corpse of Hunter S Thompson's dog.

Well done world.

 So to alleviate the feelings of dark despair I thought I'd give this gem a rewatch....

Sadomaster (2005).
Dir: Germán Magariños and Fernando Giangiacomo
Cast: Ezequiel Hansen, Leandro De la Torre, Francisco Pérez Laguna, Mariano Salas and Fernando Giangiacomo.

Asses and Nazi's.....pity there's
no dwarf action too.

The time: Now!

The place: Sunny Argentina!

Which it has to be said is being destroyed from within by a particularly nasty bout of ultra-violence.

And rickets.

Nasty Nazi gangs are roaming the streets, setting fire to tramps, pooing behind bins and molesting (leathery) old ladies and only senator Mauricio Beccar Varela ( it matters) is man enough to tackle this onslaught of badness by implementing a zero tolerance of naughtiness campaign.

Right on.

Unfortunately for the people of Argentina Varela leads a double life, by day he's a man of the people - kinda like a slightly less swarthy South American Nigel Farage - but as the sun sets he reveals his true self.

Yup he is, in fact actually the evil ring leader of the Nazi gang responsible for the violence.

Hang on, that's basically just Nigel Farage isn't it?

"Are you my mummy?"

As the weeks go by the violence gets ever worse and after a particularly nasty night which starts with a defenseless Rabbi is beaten to death by a group of One Direction wannabes and culminates with a leather clad pervert urinating on babies it looks like the city is doomed.

What will it take for someone to take a stand against these rotters?

Surprisingly the answer to that question is actually quite simple.

All it takes is the brutal, drawn out torture - and rape obviously - of a chubby, topless man with learning difficulties.

All in glorious close-up.

Lucky, lucky us.

The mutilated body is later discovered by a pissed up homeless man walking down the street who, feeling peckish proceeds to help himself to the poor victims spleen.

They're full of vitamin C apparently.

Not a still from the film
(to be honest there are precious few I can show)
but a photo of some Pikey kids dogging school
(possibly to actually go dogging - who knows? )
and giving the vickies to the camera.

But as our stinky chum cheekily chews his makeshift lunch a spooky pentagram appears flashing onscreen and the ghost of the dead chubby (as in dead and chubby, tho' he is actually dead chubby too) man appears from nowhere screaming “Kill them! Kill them! Kill them!”

Reckoning that becoming a black clad vigilante is probably a better career choice that rummaging thru' the bins, the homeless guy fashions himself a homemade gimp outfit and christens himself the Sadomaster before beginning a brutal series of revenge attacks against the gangs and the corrupt politicians.

Just like Bernie Sanders didn't.

A still from the aborted The Famous
Five/Frank Castle team-up.

Our hero - knowing he lacks a certain something in the hero stakes decides to make up for his stinky fish breath, stringy beard, lack of super powers and the fact that he rides a really crap moped by being not only hard as nails but mad as a lorry with it.

It's not too surprising them to find out that the Sadomaster soon has the evil Nazi's on the run.

But things are probably going to get a lot worse (acting and plotwise) before they get better...

I say probably because by this point I gave up and went to bed.

I mean there comes a point when you have to ask yourself is it really worth sitting up late at night feverishly scribbling notes on a film only myself - and possibly Keith Vaz - will ever see as a fat, sweaty Argentinian non-actor grinning like a loon has a huge rubber cock forced into his mouth in the background?

The final decision was made for me tho' when I caught sight of that old friend Porno Holocaust hiding under a pile of recently purchased Poundland DVD's on my desk.

I mean who wants to watch such mindless and inept shaky cam rubbish as Sadomaster when you know that only a few feet away Mark Shanon's warty scrotum is awaiting your attention in all it's remastered wide screen glory?

Even tho' I only watched it again a few weeks back.

Yes, Sadomaster is that bad.

Your nan on the phone yesterday.

Costing less than a McDonalds happy meal (and managing to be far less appetizing) this lo-fi revenge flick from the aptly titled Gorevision Films is the kind of movie that the self proclaimed art crowd will muse over for years to come whilst your connoisseur of cult films (and no doubt all you fine readers here) will (hopefully) see it for the tragically un-hip Mad Foxes rip-off that it really is.

Without that films charm, wit and big-bushed bath bonking obviously.

Gore, breasts, mouth-rape, evil Nazi's
and political commentary....

...or Mark Shannon's warty balls...
YOU decide!

Unfortunately Sadomaster was a big enough hit in Argentina to allow Magariños and Giangiacomo to continue making 'the films', following up this classic with the little seen Un Cazador de Zombis.

Which scarily is even worse than this.

Tho' at least it has someone famous in it.

OK it has a cameo from Troma's Lloyd Kaufman.

And then?

Yup.....they made Sadomaster 2.

As well as such titles as - I kid you not - Poltergays 5: los lobos desnudos de las, They Call Him One Eye Faggot and the hilariously sounding Scanners: Dopplegayners.




Yet it's me that gets the death threats.

Be seeing you.

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