Sunday, June 1, 2008

terror (and uncalled for nudity).


More from Italy's leading sleaze-fest comic 'Terror'. This time round a tale of alien invasion.

And breasts.


Leaving work after a hard days shagging, Morag
decides to call a cab. Everything's OK till she
notices the strange smell, has the driver farted?

If he has it's more than an eggy one
as it begins to melt Morags skin!!

The same thing begins to happen on the underground...
loud farting noises followed by an evil flesh eating gas!

What's causing all this destruction? an evil shape shifting
alien of course and it's discovered that the best way to
attract yummy humans is by pretending
to be various modes of public transport!

But why does the beast vomit out young Senga?
is it because she's from Govan?
No, it's because she's just been raped by a bin man
in a coal cellar and coal dust is deadly to the
ravenous extraterrestrial beast.

So the police use helicopters to sprinkle coal dust over
the monster causing it to die a slow and painful death.

The End.

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