Monday, December 1, 2008

november stiffs

Apologies again for a lack of updates in the last month (like anyone reads this anyway) but I've been away visiting the homeland and making some animated shite which has left me precious little time to watch any tat.

I'll do my best to make up for lost time over the Crimbo period.

Anyways, here's the November stiff list.


Firstly it was a sad day for fans of the (scarily enhanced) female form as November saw the death of Tiffany Sloan, smooth thighed model, Playboy Playmate of the Month (October 1992), top exotic dancer at Club Paradise, Las Vegas and 'actress' who committed suicide at the age of 35.

The scum at photobucket pulled the pic of
(a fully clothed) Tiffany Sloan
so here's one of Billy instead.

We also said adios (or something) to top Portuguese actor and comedian ManĂ­lio Haidar BadarĂ³, star of the comedy classics "Empresta-me o teu apartamento" alongside Alina (not Keith) Vaz.

Your dad sneaking into
your bedroom at night.

Michael John Crichton, author, film producer, film director, medical doctor and television producer best known for the busters of blocks that include The Andromeda Strain, Congo, Disclosure, Rising Sun, Timeline, State of Fear, Prey, ER, that one with the half man/half shark that was a Fox movie of the week and Jurassic Park was eaten by a Dinosaur (possibly) at too young an age (I couldn't be arsed checking).


Brit com genius and owner of the worlds slickest hair, Reg Varney, star of the classic On the Buses headed to join Jack in the great depot in the sky after suffering from a chest infection (no doubt caused by Blakey making him clean a bus in the rain).

Nuff said.

Saddest death of the month (nay, the year) is of Bruce Wayne, wealthy industrialist, playboy, philanthropist and, after witnessing the murder of his parents as a child, the vigilante known as The Batman.

He leaves a butler, a dozen young boys and a dog behind to carry on the good fight (oh, and a son as far as I remember from Son of The Demon).

He got it in Japan (when he was
king of the Wicker People).


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If you want to indulge in celebrity death, how about visiting

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Anonymous said...

Who's John Crichton?

(...laugh now)

Ashton Lamont said...

isn't he the guy from farscape?

Will said...

You know you could upload photos directly to your blog rather than trusting them to what's clearly an NVLA front organisation.

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