Friday, June 9, 2017

paperback biter.

More spooky old Italian horror comics for your reading pleasure.


This time it's the adventures of
Zora the Vampire!

Realizing that lesbian vampirism and motherhood
don't mix, Zora goes to see her local GP for advice.

He prescribes (on the NHS no less) a pair of funky contact
lenses that blank out crosses
and all kinds of Christian stuff.

Even churches!

Deciding to start a new life as a chimney sweep
in good old London town Zora boards the Love Boat.

But Brenda, the pug faced evil vampire is also
aboard and throws baby Shazza out of a convenient porthole!

Never fear baby S!
Mummy is swimming to the rescue!

Unfortunately a shark gets there first and eats her whole.

Or does it spit that bit out?

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