Tuesday, July 19, 2011


For those of you who live near (and/or are rich/bored enough to travel) Saturday 13th August sees the mighty Grindhoose* opening it's jism sodden doors in sunny old Glasgow town.

Come (literally) along to The Old Hairdresser's that very evening and be transported back in time to late 70s/early 80s 42nd Street (that's New Yoik fact fans) to experience some of the trashiest, sleaziest and wild films ever to have graced the not-so-big-screen.

Some of them even featuring your mum.

The lovely Grindhoose gang will be screening two surprise films back-to-back alongside a full supporting feature, public service movies and crazy trailers.

There's even a bar downstairs selling various alcoholic drinks to help numb your pain plus on your arrival you will be escorted to your seats by the lovely usherettes, the Zombabes whilst a piss-stained old hobo makes you a balloon hat.

Expect to see anything from horror, Euro-sleaze, gialli, action, martial arts and revenge flicks.

Just don't expect to go home germ free.

And best of all it costs FUCK ALL to attend!

The queues have already started so book your seat Now or something.

*Grindhoose is an educational event designed to bring the look and feel of New York grindhouse cinema to the UK - all events are free and the films are screened as part of a private screening to any attendees of the event so screw you hellish copyright folk.

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