Monday, August 1, 2011

july stiffs.

It's that time of the month again dear reader......let's list the stiffs.

July was a bad month for Manga fans, especially those of Sukeban Deka with the death of it's creator, Shinji Wada, as well as the director of the movie adaptation, Hideo Tanaka who join Japanese animation legend Toyoo (Fist of the North Star, The World of Narue, Gulliver Boy, F-Zero: GP Legend) Ashida.

Also heading to the big film studio in the sky was Keith Wilson, the award-winning production designer famed for his work on Fireball XL5, Space: 1999 and Star Maidens alongside Ed Flesh, inventor of the Wheel of Fortune's wheel and inventor of the album cover Alex Steinweiss.

Over to movies now, it's sad to announce the death of the fantastic Fred Scialla, American actor and stand-in for Danny DeVito and Hitchcock hottie Googie Withers.

But the biggest shock last month must have been in the music industry with the sudden death of ex-Motorhead guitarist and cider drinker W├╝rzel.

Till next month....

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