Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not one to plug stuff (unless it's my own work obviously) but felt I had to share seeing as this is one of the best mockumentary movies I've ever seen.

Tony Kern's Haunted Changi (reviewed way back here) could be Likened to one of those seldom repeated Christmas ghost stories of old so loved by the BBC or a particularly gruesome episode of Tales of The Unexpected, it builds slowly yet creepily towards it's shock climax, a lean mean tale of caution that works not only as a ghost story but also as a modern equivalent of an old fashioned folk tale akin to Hansel and Gretal.

Still trying to get a UK distribution deal (shame on the company that knocked it back, you know who you are) it's just been announced that readers in the US can now view this Singapore shocker for a limited time nationwide On Demand via cable, satellite and telco operators.


You should be.

Check the Haunted Changi Facebook page for more details or visit the official website here.

End of plug.

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