Thursday, February 23, 2012


Yup it's that time of year again, you know the one where I end up changing interweb provider, lose my connection for a month and end up blogging from my phone.

Oh yeah and it's Glasgow FrightFest weekend.

One cinema, two days, hundreds of horror geeks, half dozen sweaty, high waisted folk who live at home with their disabled mums, twelve new horror titles, ten UK premieres and the unmistakable smell of sweat, shame, semen and tears.

Beginning with a tribute to the wonderful Sir Roger of Corman other films threatening to frighten us all on Friday this year include the found footage cum disaster movie 'TAPE 407: THE MESA RESERVE INCIDENT', the hands and knees obsessed 'CRAWL', apocalyptic adventure with 'THE DAY' and the 'does what it says on the tin' 'WAR OF THE DEAD'.

Which one will make the wheelchair bound man walk out in disgust this year?

Happy Glasgow punters at last years Frightfest.

Saturday shocks include 'EVIDENCE', 'PENUMBRA' (hopefully nothing to do with the mental health charity which aims to improve mental well being throughout Scotland), a horror version of Igor Stravinsky's ballet 'RITES OF SPRING' (possibly),  the rude sounding 'L'ARRIVO DI WANG', the sweaty looking 'CASSADANGA' and the frankly bonkers action epic 'THE RAID'.

Something for everyone methinks.

The director of Little Deaths at last years event.

And if that wasn't enough they'll be appearances from CRAWL director Paul China, Antonio and Marco Manetti; the men behind 'WANG', Padraig Reynolds, director RITES OF SPRING as well as the artist behind Geretta Geretta's DEMONS sequel WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ROSEMARY BABY?

Oh, that's me isn't it.

So come join us for a weekend of Argentinean demons (that are for once not interested in the Falklands), mutant cannibals, drunks fighting over crisps, a Chinese-speaking alien and a Pinocchio obsessed mentalist.

You love it.

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