Monday, March 9, 2020

it'll be alright on the fright 2020.

Just realized that 'tween work and the like I'd completely forgotten to mention or preview Glasgow FrightFest this year so in order to make up for it
and for anyone interested (probably no-one) here's my Frightfest 2020 top ten things (may contain spoilers….and nuts):

Fave film: A Ghost Waits

Fave film featuring an autie/aspie character: Sea Fever

Nicest wallpaper: Saint Maud

Coolest accessory: Natasha Halevi’s bloodied axe handbag

Best onscreen hair: Hermione Corfield 

Obscurest - but always appreciated - appearance by Udo Kier: A Blu-Ray of Iron Sky 2 appearing on my seat

Loveliest person: Everyone who said nice work related stuff to me, much appreciated!

Most unexpected exploding body part scene: (tie) The Mortuary Collection/ButtBoy

Best use of a tennis ball: VFW

Best bit of the festival: All of it.

Now to prepare for the next one!

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