Tuesday, October 9, 2007

censorsh*t 2

It's gone all 1984 again after the banning of Manhunt 2 as the government is asking for a new study of the effect of violent computer games on children.

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Byron: Brains and beauty.

Psychologist and top TeeVee babe Tanya Byron will head the study, which will also examine how to protect children from online material (erm....get their parents to take an interest in what they're doing online and not just leave them to it perhaps?).

The review is due to be launched by raven haired Dr Byron - together with Schools Secretary Ed Balls (snigger) and Culture Secretary James Purnell - at a school in east London.

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Sexy yet sweet.

The games industry association Elspa is also co-operating with the study - but has said that it was too often blamed for society's ills.

Spokesman Paul Jackson commented in his husky tones "We're too often blamed for everything from obesity to youth violence...It is just not true and it's not appropriate." He added: "We feel quite positively about this review. It's clear the review is about making sure parents are properly informed about what their youngsters are playing and what they are accessing on the internet. Now I've got to dash as I'm downloading some top porn."

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The thinking mans crumpet Dr Byron possibly said: "The study will be about what industry is doing already to protect children and what more could be done to ensure they have a positive experience on the internet and with games.....which will probably involve making then all illegal and banning the internet from working class homes."

'Singled out'

Veteran developer and specky geek David Braben, of Frontier games, asked why games were being singled out.

"A review might be useful but it should not just look at one media, especially when media are intersecting," he said in that way that only tech-heads talk.

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A slightly different manhunt
from the one banned yesterday.

He added in a squeaky voice: "Historically there has always been in government a Luddite sentiment - whatever the new industry is tends to take the blame of the latest ailment of society. We do tend to be the people who get the blame first at the moment. And that is a tragedy - because this industry is one of the most interesting media."

Philip Oliver (not the ex Brookside star), chief executive of Blitz games, said more education was needed for parents (and probably a good slap seeing as quiet a few seem to ignore the big 18 label on films, games etc. and think sportswear is a good look for down the shops. Scum).

"They aren't paying attention to the certificates (see...told you). That is partly because they don't understand them (thick as shit Neds) and have a distorted image of games - that either they are harmless or totally evil".

The review is launched a day after the British Board of Film Classification refused a certificate for Manhunt 2 for a second time. Tho' I must admit that after playing a leaked (and uncut) version for over a week (purely for research purposes) I don't feel the urge to kill anyone....well not anyone I didn't want to kill before.

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The kind of violence that
may be caused by video games.

Mr Oliver then backtracked and said the decision was proof "the system is working". Rather than getting angry that adults are being told what they can or can't play just in case some wee chav with a steakie decides to rob someone of their mobile phone and their lilly liberal local MP/parent etc. goes "Oh it was that game/film what made him do it....he was a good boy till then....honest".

Makes me want to puke.

According to Elspa, only 2% of games released in the UK receive an 18 certificate and the average age of a gamer is 28.

'Love on The Rocks'

Mr Jackson said: "We are a very important British industry. We are very responsible and keen to ensure that our products are only played by those who they are designed for."

Margaret Robertson, a video games 'consultant' and former editor of Edge magazine, said the industry felt it was doing as much as it could.

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A child re-enacts his favourite Mortal
Kombat death scene for Dr. Tanya.

"The games industry is holding itself to higher standards than the film industry. Allowing that, everyone is united in not wanting material for older gamers to get into the hands of children."

She added: "This report may start finding some wider ways to do that because that's our main priority, not making shed fulls of cash."

I just don't understand why they just can't make the boxes bigger so that children can't hold them in their hands. Simple really.


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Evil videogames made my hands shrink.