Wednesday, December 5, 2007

reasons to love cbeebies (part 5)

Nina And The Neurons

Shown on the CBeebies channel to help pre-school children understand basic science. The show is the brainchild of Lucille McLaughlin, producer of the junior Wicker Man that is Balamory and the Sheila Keith tribute show Me Too!.

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Nina: I would.

The show feature hot science boffin Nina (
Katrina Bryan - also the shows writer) and her scarily animated, X-Men like neurons (obviously) each representing the five senses:

Felix (the Wolverine of the group) - Touch
Belle (Jean Grey) - Hearing
Luke (Cyclops) - Sight
Ollie (Beast) - Smell
Bud (Nightcrawler) - Taste

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"Don't attempt anything without the gloves!"

Each episode begins with the lovely Nina experimenting on some children (sorry, with some children) at the Dalek City like Glasgow Science Centre, before she is 'contacted' by a child asking a wee/fart/slightly scientific question. Jumping into her
pale blue 1970's Volkswagen Type 2 minibus (numberplate: NINA) she turns up at the kids house, forces their parents/grandparents/carers to wear really tight man breast/old lady tit revealing t-shirts and attempts to answer their question using experiments relating to one or more of the five senses.

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Collar and cuffs.

Episodes to look out for include the one where she flies to Spain to explain why we need to piss. It includes great scenes of our lab coated lovely drinking lots of pop then wriggling about with her knees together going "Oh oh I need a wee!".

Possibly the most erotic thing I have ever seen on kids teevee.



Anonymous said...

You're a bad man.... She's not even a real scientist. Unlike Professor X of aid X-Men, who is a distinguished Proferssor of... of um... cleverness.

Tombo said...

She may not be a real scientist but I'm happy to believe!