Tuesday, April 7, 2009

stitch this.

Just arrived at the Arena, the teaser trailer for the God-like Alan (Jesus Vs. The Messiah) Ronald's 'STITCHGIRL' segment of 'BORDELLO DEATH TALES' the new horror anthology from Jinx Media and Amber Pictures.

And you can see it here and whilst you're waiting for the film's release read on and enjoy the directors answers to the very first Unwell inquisition.

1. Live and let die or a nice, hot pie?

Strangely enough this is exactly the same opening question they asked me in the hospital. I opted for pie.

2. Junk, funk, punk or Chunk?

Chunk with a capital 'C'? I assume therefore you are referring to 'the' Chunk. Sloth loves Chunk...in the mooth.

3. Papa’s got a brand new….

love for model trains.

4. Eastwood ho! Westwood ho!

Northwood! hm?

5. These boots were made for walking.

But only with the addition of feet.

6. Black Friday, blue Monday?

What is next in this sequence?

7. Days of wine and roses, days of Pearly Spencer or day of the dead?

You sure know how to treat a lady!

8. The girl, the body or the pill?

All three, but not necessarily in that order.

9. Bates motel, motel hell, hotel California.

Which one has a mini bar?

10. things I hate about…..

Jesus taught me never to hate...bastard.

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