Thursday, November 12, 2009

sports for all.

I've never been the sportiest of folk so I must admit I do love a chance to take the piss out of misguided attempts to make the idea of big muscled men kicking balls about and showering together cool......

Way back in 1992 there was a vaguely amusing Nike commercial featuring Godzilla and a giant-sized Sir Charles Barkley (or was it a normal sized Barkley, a man in a rubber suit and a miniature cityscape?) playing basketball in the streets of Tokyo.

As funny as it was (slightly at best) God only knows why Dark Horse decided to stretch it out to 48 arse numbing pages in this full colour one off.

Tho' as a plus point it did feature Godzilla wearing a pair of trainers 'slam dunking' (as those pesky Americans say) a ball.

Marvel obviously had to go one better.

Nuff said?


marto said...

I for one find it hard to believe that Nike made trainers large enough to fit Godzilla. The reset of it is perfectly plausible.

marto said...

Also, that isn't technically a slam dunk· P.S. I also have £5!

Quagmire of the Antler People said...

Godzilla's Nike's look like cremated waffles and I've spoken to Mr. Barkley personally and he reassured me that yes, giant basketballs are the best defense against Lizard Vomit.

The Vicar of VHS said...

Marto is absolutely correct. Godzilla is doing a textbook finger-roll layup, which is the graceful, ballet-like cousin to the comparatively nasty and brutish "slam dunk." Say what you will about the King of the Monsters, but don't say he doesn't have style.

So where's the follow-up in which Rodan plays netball with Irene Van Dyk?