Tuesday, March 16, 2010

smell the leather.

Was out perusing one of the local charity shops and - quite literally - came across this.

As you can guess, it was so needed.

And the best thing?

After pointing out that it was a NTSC tape I got it for free.


Couples do It Debbie's Way (1988).
Dir: N/A but I'm putting money on porno God John Dark due in part to the incredible amounts of old lady crotch shots.
Cast: Debbie Reynolds, Richard Hamlett, Tom and Patricia Carr Bosley, Dick and Pat Van Patten.

Which I presume is up the shitter.

So here it is, the Holy Grail of sexy and sweaty work out videos, the little seen sequel to the fantastic Do It Debbie's Way, that 1983 hit that featured not only the late, great Ms. Reynolds in a tight fitting day-glo leotard but such top tottie as Teri Garr, Rose Marie, Dionne Warwick and blonde bombshell Terry Moore (amongst others) bending and pouting like your Grannie never did.

Or ever should.

Debbie Reynolds: Nice flat tummy, thighs you could
ski down yet a face of utter fuckness).

This time round dishy Deb's has decided to show us that 'working out' is more fun with two and has invited not only her (then) silver fox of a husband, real-estate developer Richard Hamlett but a gaggle of famous(ish) couples to join them.

Yes indeedy it's man-breasts ahoy as Tom (Father Dowling, Happy Days' Howard Cunningham, that man that you wished had touched you up when you were a wee boy) Bosley and wackily wigged US teevee funnyman Dick Van Patten strut their sextegenarian stuff to all manner of cheesy big band covers in a display so terrifying that no number of tearful wank fueled Pot Noodle sessions can ever numb the shame you'll feel after viewing.

"Cake in mah hand".

But screw the old guys (not literally of course) cos we're here for the hot ladies and boy does this deliver.

Bosley's bubble permed, firm breasted young(ish) missis Patricia (American Gigolo's Judy Rheiman) Carr bares her midrift and barely manages to contain her ample arse in her lycra tights as she frugs out to the theme to The Love Boat whilst Pat (Karen Rubin from Nightmare Boulevard in which she appeared alongside her husband and son - Saw's James Van Patten) Van Patten goes for a demure pink and black look, topped of with a lovely pearl necklace.

Which I didn't give her before you ask.

It'll never touch the sides.

But if you think these kings of comedy are here to play it for laughs then never fear because delightful Debbie keeps the boys at bay with her sharp tongue and slender thighs, even when the oldsters start complaining that their backs are about to snap.

Tho' I'll be the first to admit that the thought of being broken in by Ms. Reynolds is a very attractive one.

There's none of that here tho' so you'll just have to make do with the sight of Father Dowling grunting and groaning his way thru' some light aerobics whilst the divine Ms. D winks at camera a lot.

Oh and your imagination.


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