Sunday, June 20, 2010

return of the living ned.

Always willing to give a helping hand to the little people (plus almost as many non-Lilliputians) and to give a push to projects that tickle my fancy (or pay me to do so), I recently came across this little gem online that I thought I'd share with you all.

Well share with the odd few that can actually read here and don't just pop by to see if there are any dirty pictures.

Starting life as a series of sketches based upon the notion of the sunny city of Glasgow (that's Scotchland, Europe near London for our overseas readers) being overrun by the undead, StoneDEAD has taken of an (after) life of it's own as a (soon to be completed) six episode web series accompanied by a handful of one-off 'minutesodes', a real sounding yet totally fictitious way of saying 'sixty second vignettes'.


Cheesy, cheerful and cheaper than your mum, creators Zan Phee, Allan Groves and Jamie Lamarra have crafted, well throw together really (which they freely admit so no slagging me off for being bitchy) an almost Beckett style tale of hope, loss and friendship (with assorted gore gags and sweary words) that brings to mind not only the bleak, avant-garde writings of the aforementioned writer but also share a pedigree of relationship based comedy that stretches back as far as Steptoe and Son and up to the underrated Nightingales.

"Shite in mah Beckettesque
mooth you undead bastards!"

Co-writer Phee (an interview with whom shall appear on these very pages soon), taking a break from slaughtering puppies to use as shoes for the zombie extras told us that "StoneDEAD started as a few sketch ideas based in zombie Glasgow. As the idea spread (in our heads) it become a 6 episode season about finding humour in this made-up Glasgow based zombie tragedy."

Which sums it up rather nicely methinks.


If so check out the official webshite here and the groovy Facebook fanpage here.

And don't forget to mention who sent you.

No other reason than I like to see my name in print.


stonerphonic said...

crikey, i hope stoneDEAD morphs into a series of pot smoking glaswegian zombies with the munchies for good curry.

who then invade england!!!

Unknown said...

I shall give nothing away at this point, however i'm half english and i'm not a fan of curry.

Sebastian Cocktease said...

They should have called it stonerubbish.

Unknown said...

Then Stoned in the title wouldn't have worked, silly!

Sebastian Cocktease said...

which is why I suggested renaming it, "stoned" wouldn't be in the title if it were named "stonerubbish".