Friday, November 4, 2022


Starting November with eleven incredible movie facts:
Did you know that the shark in Jaws is not actually real?
Rin Tin Tin wasn't actually made out of tin. It was a copper alloy.
The Lego Movie was entirely computer generated, Lego cannot move on it's own.
No stars have ever been at war.
Jack was intended to survive at the end of Titanic, where he and Rose would go on to live full lives and start a business that would later become IKEA, just like in real life. However, Dicaprio became bored by filming the floating door scene, and allowed himself to drown for real. All scenes still to shoot requiring Dicaprio were later filmed with a mix of CGI and Timothy Olyphant acting as a stand-in.
Sandra Bullock isn't actually a bullock.
Or a Sandra.
Anime is named after Annie Mae Bullock, better known as Tina Turner.
The Iron Giant is loosely based on Daniel Craig's childhood, in which he grew up in a scrapyard and ate cars.
The tiger in Winnie the Pooh wasn't real...
but the bear was...Sort of...
They had to put a panda in a suit since the grizzly originally cast kept mauling the rest of the actors.



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