Tuesday, October 18, 2022

fridge bitch.

Been accused of featuring way too many good films this year.

I'll soon change that.

Ice Queen (2005).
Dir: Neil Kinsella.
Cast: Ami Veevers-Chorlton, Harmon Walsh, Noelle Reno, Jennifer Hill, Daniel Hall Kuhn Tara Walden, Peter Wyndorf and Demone Gore.

"What she wants is a wet me-shirt contest!"

Somewhere in the directors local garden centre, sorry I mean the Amazon rain forest a group of very tall boy scouts (you can tell by the shorts) have made the archeological find of the century.

A totally naked blonde, dating from the ice age (the proper ice age not the film series) encased in a huge block of amber.

Realizing that this is a fairly unusual thing to find our learned pals quickly load her body onto a handy aeroplane to be flown to a military facility where she can be 'studied' by scientists at their leisure.

Which is nice work if you can get it.

Meanwhile at Scabies Ski Resort, lanky local loser Johnny (As The World Turns Doctor Bullock himself, the chisel chinned Walsh) alongside his pals Jessie Ethic (Gore, best known for his role as 'Vegas Ballroom Worker' in, yup, As The World Turns) and his instantly forgettable other pal (look he was wearing a woolie hat so it could be anyone but it's most likely Jason Mewes trying to get enough cash to score) are busy enjoying the resort bars weekly Ms. Wet T-shirt/let's dance like your dad competition.

"Smell my fingers!"

The boys night of good old fashioned drunken fun is turned on it's head tho' when Johnny is confronted by Elaine (Hill) and her frankly terrifying silicon breasts (playing themselves).

Hypnotized or just really fearful (I couldn't tell) Johnny goes from gently prodding them to full on nipple sucking action in a handy jacuzzi, totally forgetting about his long term girlfriend Tori (the rabbit-like Reno from the straight to the charity shop hit Devour), even going so far as loaning their rent money to Elaine.

What a bastard/hero (delete as applicable).

Next morning and Johnny's life seems to be going from bad to worse; not only is Tori chasing him for the rent but Elaine has turned up for an interview at the lodge and his boss, the man-eating MiLF Audrey (funny lady Walden) is determined to see him fired after he told everyone that she was a lesbian.

Phew, I don't know about you but I'm shattered now.

"Snow on mah mount!"

Luckily tho' before Johnny’s life completely mutates into an episode of the Jeremy Kyle show, the plane carrying the frozen lady is hijacked by terrorists and accidentally crashed into the mountain overlooking the resort causing an - incredibly shite CGI - avalanche and trapping all six members of the cast inside the hotel under a tonne of snow that could quite possibly collapse on them at any moment

Chance would be a fine thing.

Kyle: Arrogant prick.

And if this wasn't enough danger for one movie (especially one trying to do giant natural disasters on what looks like The Power Rangers tea budget) it appears that our frozen femme has all thawed out and is hungry for love.

And intestines obviously.

Which probably wouldn't be too much of a problem if she (alongside a faintly ridiculously fake bearded scientist not so much played as planked by the charisma black hole that is Daniel Hall Kuhn) wasn't also trapped in the ski lodge too.

Daniel Hall Kuhn: He's got something to put in you.

With everything that's happening it comes as a wee surprise that for no other reason that the actresses seem up for it, Elaine and Tori decide to have a girlie cat fight over who's the better shag.

It's like arguing over which you'd rather have; syphilis or crabs. 

Whilst this fake snow squashing, thigh revealing, nipple poking fight continues ad nauseum, the Ice Queen is wandering around the patently hardboard topsy turvy sets randomly killing the few remaining cast members by sticking her hand into their tummies and freezing them from the inside.

"She put WHAT in your mooth?"

With alcoholic Uncle Ed and Patch the dog searching the grounds for survivors it's left to Johnny, armed with only a hand dryer, a hot tub, some sexy pants and his rampant libido to kill the she-beast.

But let's be honest here, does anyone really give a fuck?

Your mum's cum face.

What a bloody dogs dinner of a movie this is, Neil Kinsella seems to be confused as to whether he's making a monster movie, Porky's style frat 'house' comedy or metaphysical exploration of the human condition and frankly after viewing it I’m not so sure either.

From the moment it's start the movie darts between breasts, explosions and soft core sex before settling into a threadbare disaster scenario with the added bonus of a buck-toothed beast babe trying her best to either kill folk or fuck them.

And it's the aforementioned she beast that's the film's trump card in the shape of the frankly wonderful ex-farm girl cum model cum actress Ami Veevers-Chorlton.

Dressed in an old Quick Fit boiler suit, Jimmy Savile's old spunk stained wig and wearing a set of wooden teeth Chorlton's portrayal of the Ice Queen is like nothing I've ever seen before, tottering around on heels and wiggling her arse like a middle aged secretary who's had one too many gin's at the office Christmas party whilst licking her bright blue Joker lips and tonging the air, everything about her performance is fantastic.

And utterly convincing.

She should get her own chat show, it'd be a ratings winner.

Cheryl Cole-The pikey years.

Her greatest scenes tho' are towards the films climax when our horny horror takes an instant liking to Johnny and sets about trying to seduce him.

Honestly Chorlton should have been Oscar nominated for this.

As it goes we were all robbed.

Her for the best actress award and me for spending a quid on this.

Tomorrow.....something better.


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