Sunday, September 11, 2016

people you fancy but shouldn't (readers revenge).

Well Arena reader Kitty Trundle seems to have started a brand new level of online interaction here that for once doesn't involve threatening to kill me.
Which is nice.

It appears that thanks to the Agatha Raisin post literally hundreds (well three) of you have been using your free hand to nominate your clandestine crushes.

So especially for Gareth, Stuart and Ian we present cake creating Candice from The  Great British Bake Off.
Tho' to be honest I'm more of a Sue Perkins man myself.
Normal film type stuff will return shortly.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

lol, yay, using positivity to starve the trolls, using healthy romantic leanings! creative thinking wins the day!

as whovians, I also nominate Verity Lambert! she was dishy and yum yum and brilliant!