Tuesday, June 3, 2008

i am me.

Long ago when the universe was less than half it's present size there was a very late Friday night ritual in Unwell towers which involved watching the late lamented Dating Channel and making disparaging comments about the people begging for sex.

Between the amusing Drambue fellow and the scary old Welshman who ran away to London to escape working in the mines was a super suave (his words) 'film director' by the name of Kai Murphy whose intellectual musings (such as repeating "I am.....me". for what seemed like an eternity) brought such joy and meaning to our otherwise empty lives.

Well it's been five years but I've finally managed to track this elusive man down and it seems he directed his own Dating Channel segment whilst getting paid to film other peoples the cheeky scamp!

No news on his dream of making 12 different films in 12 different countries (shame on you sir) but he is running his own production company with an amusing name.

You can view his website here and, if you feel that way inclined send him tonnes of email asking why he decided to cancel his (exciting sounding) world wide film project.

Alternatively you can add him on Facebook (he's the first two profiles under Kai Murphy).


KaiKraft said...

This is one of the most amazing things I have ever stumbled upon. I am the Kai Murphy you speak of :) The dating video feels like a life time ago (really embarrassing). I remember getting the job to shoot 10 single people for the dating channel and I only found 9 so had to film myself at the end. I'm still working on films but currently I'm exhibiting my photography www.kaiatwork.com . Who ever you are thanks for putting a great big smile of nostalgia on my face.


Ashton Lamont said...

No problem sir! You brightened many a Friday evening here in Unwell Towers!
Good luck with the exhibition!