Monday, June 16, 2008

you wear it well.

Fantastic (and scarily accurate) dress up suits of yesteryear.....I had the Spider-Man one, which did you have?





The Vicar of VHS said...

These are great! Boy, Wonder Woman sure is a lot more glamorous now than she used to be...

Things like this used to be the default Halloween costumes for kids over here in the States. I had at least a version of the Frankenstein and Spider-Man ones, I know. Too bad we couldn't get Captain Britain or Dr. Who.

Cool post!

Anonymous said...

Donno about scarily accurate - was Lee Majors in the habit of running around (in slow motion, natch) wearing a t-shirt with his own face on it? Actually, thinking about it, I can see that...

I do know there was a brief moment in 1975 when I'd have killed for the Captain Britain suit, though.

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