Saturday, October 3, 2020

mah mah mah my corona....

Calling it now, next Tuesday the White House are gonna announce that Trump's natural antibodies have actually defeated the Coronavirus without any medical help whilst he'll  boast about how it's due to his 'very good genes'.
At that point bio-suit clad agents burst in and taser him before carting him off to a secret lab where scientists (led by Brent Spiner essaying Harold Bornstein) dissect him (alive) to harvest a cure.
It's the perfect ending. Like I Am Legend but with shitter hair.

Post credit scene...the laboratory dissection discovers that his 'very good genes' are a mixture of Nixon, McCarthy, Jesus and The Fonz. 
The announcement is scored to the soundtrack from 'Gone With The Wind'....
Or Seinfeld. 

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